Give a smile :)

I saw a video on Youtube, which is so inspiring. We all have to learn something from these guys. But I do not want to talk so much, just see :

I have so much respect for these guys !

Have you ever made something like this in your life ?


52 thoughts on “Give a smile :)

  1. Thanks for posting this, an excellent watch. Thanks also for popping by my blog, I’m still new to this so it is good to know that you are reading it. Best wishes!

  2. It’s just so amazing.That there are still people like this out there,being so noble and caring to people they don’t even know.I have to admit,sometimes I really feel that we are getting colder and more uncaring by the years due to the advancement of technology.It’s videos and such actions that make me realise that no,it’s the advancement in technology that helps people from different countries unite,and become more caring.Stay awesome:)

  3. This made my day—oh if we could all only busy ourselves doing right by our fellow man-this world would be so much better….
    Thank for viewing my posts and for wanting to follow along on my journey–and thank you for bringing a bit of joy to my day!!—blessings–Julie

  4. I love this video it inspires me!

    I did once take part in something like this.. There was one day that my husband and I walked through a nearby “rough” neighborhood. It was a Sunday and as we left our little house in the Garden District and decided to talk to the first person we met on the street. We wanted to see for ourselves if the neighborhood that got all this bad press was really “that” bad.
    We are both white and we went walking in a predominantly black and low-income part of Baton Rouge LA. The person we bumped into first was Kevin, a 42-year-old black male who had just recently served 9 years in prison. As we talked with him and learned about his life, he asked us questions about ours. It was really amazing because he confessed that he would usually avoid a white couple like us, and hadn’t expected us to be so nice. We told him we may have expected the same thing about him at some point in our lives.
    We got his number and later that week had him over for a steak dinner. He was so grateful it felt good to feed him a meal he hadn’t had in almost 10 years! He was also a great story teller and interesting company. We haven’t seen him since, but it was a wonderful affirmation that just because an area or part of town has a bad reputation, you can still meet a person who is just like you…just trying to make it in the world.

  5. Your blog so inspiring, love your posts, something that would make me smile in the midst of a stressful day, I nominated you for the Sunshine Award, you deserve it , keep posting , God bless ! ♥

  6. I am smiling . . . I keep gift cards to sandwich restaurants in my pocket so that I have something to give to someone who clearly needs a meal . . . and I always receive a smile in return. I like the video post. Maybe you have started something that will grow!

  7. Great video!! Definitely made me smile! I JUST moved from NYC and know how people there can be, so seeing these two young gentlemen doing such wonderful random acts of kindness was really inspiring!!!

  8. Excellent, I was involved in a similar project just the other day – people really appreciate it. How come we so easily get lost thinking about ourselves and forget our neighbours?

  9. Wow – I have been blessed to work with the homeless for several years. It changes your life! Thank you for sharing the video and thanks to those young men who made a difference.

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